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[URGENT] looking for web developer designer

EDIT: Hi, I've passed on all your queries and interests onto the relavent people. Please consider this closed. Thanks.

Hello DF.

The agency I am working for is looking to outsource our own website to a web developer as we are too busy with client work.

A new creative agency is looking for a web developer with design skills to create their website as we are already too busy to do it ourselves!

The site will be around 15 pages initially and will need to carry an animation and image gallery. A web specification document has been put together and basic layout has been agreed.

This is an urgent job so we are looking for people to start this week. Our office is in central Newcastle.
What we are looking for is a CMS which we will host and manage ourselves. We have been mainly working with Joomla, but are open to using others such as wordpress. Although a layout and basic styling has been agreed, some design work will still be required.