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URGENT Logo attached to email signature


I'm new on here and after some help.

I have a client who I've re worked his existing logo. He wants to put it on his email signature (Outlook, Windows PC). I've sent him png. & jpg.'s but he can't seem to attach any of them, he's saying they don't flush left! I'm out of ideas. Can anyone advise, as he's getting a little annoyed and time's ticking on!

Answers hugely appreciated.

Many thanks



Staff member
Firstly - the png will be converted to a jpeg on email being sent - it will look lovely before sending, but outlook does a conversion to jpeg when sending and it looks horrible on the other end as the conversion is crap.

Secondly - you need to size the jpeg to the exact size for the email - any scaling will result in the horrible conversion again.

Thirdly - the client needs to check their Margins/Indents and other things to get it flush left.

As long as you have no white space to the left of the logo for email it will sit flush left with the margins/indents.