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Unoriginal Design


Senior Member
I've been doing a bit of crowd sourcing lately which obviously has it's ins and outs, the extent of which I'm going to leave alone for now and save a comprehensive blog post on the subject.

But for now have a look at this, I designed a logo for a client called RouteGraph. The brief was prety open ended with the client not specifing what he wanted the logo to look like or a colour scheme.

I made this:

And a couple of days later a competitor came up with this highly original design:

I mean seriously, how does this person sleep at night? :eek:


Senior Member
Unfortunately this happens a boat load of the time.

And again unfortunately, they have took your great idea, and executed that little bit better. I reckon if you'd continued working with your design you'd have ended up at that point.

It's just the dirty B*s*a*d beat you to it and it's a f*c*i*g shame.
That's the name of the game with crowd sourcing though - if entries are openly visible then people will take the best ideas and adapt them.

Nice logo though by the way, I like it.


Senior Member
I suppose I'm biased but I certainly don't think the rip off one if any good at all, let alone better. Nevertheless I followed up in true crowd sourcing style with a subsequent design incorporating the longitudes from this one.

Your original design was miles better than the rip off. I don't know what kind of satisfaction someone would get from doing such a blatant copy – they obviously have no shame!