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Uni project essay

hello everyone hope your all doing ok, I have an essay due in tomorrow and second part of my essay is i have to network and speak to other designers in the industry.

if possible i have a quick questionaire if anyone minds filling it in for me? i would really be greatful as my deadline is running short. i wouldent normally ask but ive been let down badly by others i had arranged to meet.

my project is all about the lack of the physical product in the music industry now everything is going digital, with itunes lack of involvement in creativity, and as the main player of everyones mp3 music, what does the future hold for music graphics?

please check out the questions and fill them in as much detail as you can, i understand i am asking a lot from people i dont know but you would really be helping out a fellow designer,

Thanks!!! XX




current occupation

What got you interested in the design industry?

what jobs have been your biggest accomplishments?

What are your work methodologies? Such as inspiration, work style, programs you use?

Are you a music lover, and what genre do you prefer?

Do you prefer physical music formats such as vinyl and CD or using current tech such as mp3s? (please state why)

Do you feel that music identity is important? Such as album artwork and vinyl sleeves. (please state why)

Do you think the music industry can survive being a digital only format? Could it survive without a physical product and without a visual aid, such as how it is on itunes?

What are your future aims and dream accomplishments in the industry?

It seems to me as if you are asking: “Is it ok for the music industry if people can’t buy or download music, can’t find information about the musicians / pop stars, don’t know their names, can’t find any pictures / videos about them?”. This isn’t going to happen, is it?