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Uni, Job, Unemployed, what now?

Just been reading about what to do after Uni in the "Company or Freelance" thread. I have left Uni, got 18months work under my belt (plus 6 years of marketing materials for a charity group) and now sadly unemployed.

I see what you are saying about us young'uns thinking we can go straight into freelancing. However my problem is that whilst I have coded a Blog CMS, developed plugins (like a Grouped Users Permission manager), illustrated the Uni Magazine for 4 years and had my design job I feel I can do it.

However, whilst working on a branding for myself, organising work into a website, sorting out contacts and money managing methods I'm not earning!

I'd like to use freelancing job boards to earn a little something whilst I set things up but I'm not sure how to use them.
How to I make sure I get the right job description?
How should I get the money out of them, paypal?
How do I avoid getting sued or abused for works made in the future?


Senior Member
These questions i think show that you're not ready for Freelance, you're unsure how to manage a Freelance job board, what are you going to do when it comes to managing clients, accounts, proposals, presentations, coffee making...?

I would suggest going on the Rock n Roll and apply to your local design agencies, whether they are in house agencies or integrated marketing/web/design companies to gain experience, show passion, dedication and make a good cuppa and you'll learn a hell of a lot pretty quickly.

Other than that i know of a magic lamp somewhere in Agrabah...