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UK Copyright Law Changes


Staff member
I'd heard of this if it's what I'm thinking it is.
Basically it allows anyone to use your work IF and only IF the original owner can't be found. So from my understanding we're basically fine as long as we've got say a watermark or info in the file (author etc), it's readily found on our sites etc.
I'm not saying the idea is good or bad but it only applies to orphan work....the register is saying we'll need to sign up to registers etc (which will no doubt cost money) to protect it but like I say I'm pretty sure a watermark etc will hold the same level of ownership.
From what I've read copyright should still belong to the owner if they can be identified... obviously this is where the issue lies because how hard will companies 'look' for the owner if they can get something for 'free'...
Another thing is that this isn't actually that new, last time I checked you sign over the rights of any artwork/photo's etc on facebook (and others I would assume) to them to use as they want.
I think it will always come down to who steals your work, if you cant afford to pursure them in the courts over IP theft, then people will get away with it. I have had several ocasions where my work has been taken, sometimes a letter from a solicitor works, other times it doesnt but not having a huge budget I coudnt afford to take some of the cases forward and they get away with it. I dont think this legislation will change much unfortunatley.