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Typos in Design

Typos aren't design. Going from your anecdote - Cola were lucky that the typo was in-sync with the change of colour.

It's all very well considering EVERYTHING as design, but what matters is effective design.
Effective design is something that works for the goal of the project/ business. But considering there are such varied goals, it's hard to comment generally.
It is hard to comment generally because al design differs right? can i ask you a question? how do you approach a business or a customer do you ask them what they want or tell them what they want? kinda gonna be the same answer. "it all differs" you know what i would do. i don't care what they want i know what they want but they won't get it. they will get something dynamic powerful something that is easily recognized but can be viewed upon as wonderful what has Josella done she has turned a DPS into Something Dynamic.
This is why I don't think that typos and bad grammar are design - Because that last comment didn't communicate very well at all. I'm not sure if you were being rhetorical in parts or are genuinely asking a question?


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I hate deliberate typos that serve no purpose, like using a Z instead of an S for no reason. A turd on a stick can be design if you want, it still stinks.

Tom Sound

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Brian Harrison said:
however typos are generally mistakes right but changing a S to a Z is an insult to the english language. correct?

Depends where you're from and which English language you use. American English uses Z's, such as realize etc. "hey I've just realized how zuper dooper that iz" :up:


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I split it off into it's own thread, having a thread go off in a different direction can be a little tedious for anyone subscribed to the original thread :) hope thats OK
We have Created an argument Thread. off of someone else's thread sorry Josella. Completely my fault. okay let's get started i use an S in realise because i'm a kiwi, we tried the whole Americanising thing we got as far as fast food that's as far as we are going. see over here we tend to not use Z as much, We call Zebra's "black and white horses" we think our goverment is a crock. (because it is) i also think our prime minister's name sounds like something that should be attached to a brick at a pump station, petrol station what ever you call it.

any way that is my 2 Dollars