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Typography help needed!

I've landed a teeny-weeny design project I'm doing for nothing to pad out my portfolio, basically it is to design an email to promote a fashion/soft furnishing company who are having an open day to sell there wares.

Here is what I have done so far...

I am having major problems with the typography though. I am really not happy with the 'LOVE TO SHOP?' text but I can't quite put my finger on it! I'm not sure if it is the spacing or what but it doesn't look quite right.

Any recomendations to remedy this?


I would say the text is too tall. Have you thought about usings something a bit more condensed?

Thats Century Gothic right? Try bring the height down a little bit.
Okay, I have worked on this a little more and here is the progress...

The map, logos and product images were all provided by the client, the stock image is purchased from stock.xchng.

Any advice or reccomendations welcome! Be gentle however - this is my first live project! :eek:


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I think that looks much better - you've done a good job! The text at the top looks much better now - it sits with the image well now.

One thing to bear in mind if this is being printed is to make sure you don't get your type too close to the edge of the page as if its being printed properly you'll risk it getting trimmed off, normally I'd leave 5mm upwards from the edge of the page, i.e if its A5 normally 5mm margin all round A4 normally 10mm/12mm - business cards I normally push my luck and go around 4mm dependant on the design.

The place filler text is possibly a little on the large side for me, but your obviously going to adjust this to suit once it's supplied.

Looking good!


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Hi Tom,

As the design is for a fashion/soft furnishings company I would suggest trying a lighter weight on the type you have used as at the moment I think it's still a touch to over-bearing on the design. A lighter weight may help to add a touch of style/elegance to match the stock image that you have used.

I think it's a great start for your first live project :)
Keep us updated, Greg
Have you tried introducing a serif rather than sans serif? Possibly the use of a nice oblique Adobe Caslon in a nice oblique partnered with a bold or regular Caslon?

For me I think the current font makes it look a little dated due to it being very geometric.

If you are set on the sans serif font, there are a lot of cool ones out there. Aaux Pro is especially nice although not a free font.

Try mixing up the weights to put extra emphasis on key works, this also works nice with italics.

I hope this helps.
Thanks again for your advice guys, though the client just emailed to say they no longer require my services as they are simply gonna modify their last promotion.

Bit disappointed really. :confused::cry:


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Sorry to hear that Tom, by the sounds of it you're better off without their work! If they're going to treat you like that. Are you looking for some 'live' design projects to work on currently?


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OK cool, I would recommend joining www.ukbusinessforums.co.uk
If you offer some design services to build up your portfolio, perhaps a logo design or print design I'm sure there will be many members/businesses biting your hand off. I would recommend limiting it to one project and saying that you're going to select based on what sounds the most exciting for scope in terms of design.

My other suggestion would be to contact some local charities, I'm sure you can find some online that may be based in your area, and I'm sure there is always a need for some flyer/poster designs with most charities. Other than that you could contact local sports teams, ideally a sport you're interested in yourself?

Hope that helps, and let us know how you get on :)