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Typeface Selection Help.

Hi everyone,

I'm designing a logo for a travel company, and finding it very difficult to find a suitable typeface.

Here's a link to the company website, which should give you an understanding about what they do etc.
About Us - Gunyah Short Breaks

Basically, they offer short breaks in hundreds of destinations around the world delivering authentic local experiences to independent travellers.

Originally I went for a slab serif (Museo slab) - client wasn't too keen.
(See attachment 1)

Then went for more of a handwritten type of font:
(See attachment 2)

So I'm a bit stuck on what font to use.
Since then, he's linked me 2 links to other logos, in which he wants the style of the logo to be the same.

Mr & Mrs Smith - Boutique Hotels - Design & Luxury Hotel Collection

Audley Travel | Tailor Made Holidays, Worldwide Tours & Luxury Travel

I'm finding it difficult to make a font selection based on the links he's provided, as I think that Trajan Pro (for example) would be a bit too 'exlusive' whereas handwritten fonts seem a bit too casual and carefree. Any advice?

Here's my latest design (haven't received feedback yet)
(See attachment 3)

Any advice on typeface selection would be great. Here are some words that sum up the feel they want to achieve: Bold, Edgy, High-value, Professional, Aboriginal, Authentic, Traditional.

personally I would say both linked logos have very different typefaces so at this point I'd be confused too if they want the logo the same as two different styles. With the typefaces you have chosen I would definitely go for the second, it's a great typeface and works well with the brand, I've seen a lot of travel ads with a typeface like that so the style is quite widely used
Just received more feedback: Needs to be 'modern and sexy' - Using a serif font, quite tough!

Not sure if i'd define Trajan Pro as sexy, but i'm going to give it a go.
god I hate it when a client mentions the word sexy, not as bad mind you as a client who has a thing about saying, "now you know what would be the sex?" uuurgh cringe.

Anyway with those terms in mind how about Quattrocento Roman, it;s very modern, sleek and I suppose if I have to... sexy. Perhaps just to give it something different, use a script front for the first letter
That client sounds... interesting!

Thank you for the suggestion, but I think they really like the font attached below.. advice on how to improve the logo would be great too, I suppose. Although I should probably post it in the relevant forum.
Forgot to mention that the graphic is an aboriginal symbol. Incorporating it into the text without making it seem look awkward isn't the easiest of things either!
Id go for a Mrs Eaves for the serif and go for a modern retro feel. Also scribble the name down in your own handwriting, trace it in illustrator and tell him hes got a hand-drawn custom font - its worked for me :)
You can try finding a sort of middleground between the two logos provided and see if you can scrounge up a logo that has the best traits out of the two fonts. You might have to do a bit of informed guesswork here based on the different attributes your client wants to achieve, but it's a pretty safe bet that your client will like it.