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Twitter Networking

Hi guys,

I have been using twitter for about a year now (regularly that is) and I feel that the networking is still minimal. Sure, I have got to know half a dozen people, but with that exception I don't think I have got the most out of the network.

I don't want to go crazy on the amount of people I follow, just to get some back- that's not the way I think twitter should be used, just like I won't follow someone back unless I know they also post interesting/useful tweets.

Anyone have some tips on how to grow the network between users?

Thanks in advance.
A good way to get followers is to engage people in what you are doing in some way. You need to have something people want, weather that's exceptionally nice design clips of your own, design news in general, etc etc whatever you want to do. There should be some substance to your feed, and it should be up to date.