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Twitter & Facebook


Junior Member
Hello guys I was wondering what your take was on twitter and Facebook?
I use it myself but I've not seen any tangible results in terms of getting any business yet.
I was wondering if anybody else uses these social platforms to generate business or if you do and if you get any return on your investment.
I'd love to get your feedback please let me know thanks
I use twitter super-frequently not so much to attract business directly, but to socialize/work with other designers and others in the industry for help and information, as well as to keep contacts that may result in job opportunities down the line.

As for Facebook, I keep that strictly personal. However, I do have a professional profile on LinkedIn.


Senior Member
Re. Twitter, it depends how well you use it, and what you use it for. I use it loads and find it's great for getting my name out there.
Twitter and Facebook is two social media websites everyone should be on mainly because of the amount of people who used these two platforms.

Everyone should also keep in mind niche social networks which will drive related traffic and possible business relationships.


Senior Member
I agree with Kurt I only use Facebook socially. I'm experimenting a lot with Twitter at the moment, obviously it's one thing having followers but it pays to have followers who possibly give a crap about what you do, which it an entirely different kettle of fish. LinkedIn is far too clunky for my liking. Of course then you've got YouTube, Behance, Tumblr....


Well-Known Member
My Facebook is personal, I'm on Behance (just) but I've not yet seen any advantage in Twitter. Linkedin isn't all that great either, or I've yet to realise it's greatness.
I'm on Twitter and use it to promote my blog posts, network with other designers as well as throwing some general, random tweets for fun. I also have a page on FaceBook but to be honest it doesn't do much and I tend to use Facebook more for a personal use.

I'm curious about Behance... it's something I've not had a look at yet.