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Twitter Backgrounds, anyone done any?

hmm interesting, mine did on this machine. didn't at work (yesterday). it's from dzineblog Has some awesome Twitter backgrounds on it ><


CSparkes said:
Chris, you may want to look at your background colour! The brown classes with the green hehe!
LOL well yeah :) its a work in progress really.. :p


Senior Member
Ive got one on mine - but its only a tiled grainy stripe to match the theme of my new brand/website that ive got in progress.

Will hopefully get something more behind it similiar to some of the ones of those links with contact details etc showing.


Senior Member
Mines a blank white page, with the twitter blue writing... much prefer it to a bad design,,, Might get a background some time though...


Senior Member
Dont know if it'd be worth changing the address & tagline to the top instead though, just so it covers people on different browser sizes etc.