Tutorial on photoshop reflections?

Hi All,

I have been looking online for tutorials on creating realistic reflections in photoshop with no success.

I have no problem with creating reflections of an object that is facing straight on, this is fairly simple. I mostly work with packaging visuals or food products and was wondering if anyone has some good techniques for creating reflections from a different angle?

I have attached an image to show an example of the kind of effect I'm referring to.Screen Shot 2015-10-09 at 12.59.00.jpg

I wasnt sure if I should physically cut each individual product and rebuild the image as a reflection, if others have a technique thats quicker and more effective or point me in the right direction of a tutorial/action.

I would love to hear others experience on this.


Thanks for posting the link, the tutorial is very clear and easy to follow but not really what im looking for.

As you can see from the attachement I included in my post, the reflection almost sits underneath the image. When trying to flip the image you basically just have an upside down version with a vignette and it does not look realistic. I'm trying to fugure out how a group image can be reflected and show the perspectives of each item within the image, just like my example.

I'm finding it tough to come across any tutorials.

Paul Murray

Staff member
The problem you have as you've pointed out is that the image you're using is from the wrong perspective. You'll need to either source other imagery you can use for the reflections, or mess about with mesh warp tool and blending brushes to create something that looks right. I'd lean towards the first option to start.


Yeah I would say may be try and use the perspective tool and just experiment with it. May be try to recreate the picture on a glass table or mirror for a reference. If I come across anything I will keep you posted. :)