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Tumblr 'Like' and 'Reblog' options


Junior Member
Okay, apologies if this is the wrong sub-forum but this is REALLY doing my head in.
After uploading a new post to my Tumblr blog earlier today I noticed that the 'Like' and 'Reblog' options in the top right corner of each post - and the page itself - are missing.
I've looked at help on Google and all I get is that I'm installing a theme that doesn't support it. Pretty baffling. Nevertheless I tried out about six other themes and still the same problem.
Here is the address: http://gutterwipe.tumblr.com
Any help would be much appreciated.


Staff member
are YOU logged into tumblr when trying to click the links..... it's not going to work if you are lol. I just tried it and got asked to sign in


Junior Member
Nope, I logged out and tried it but still no option to Like or Reblog a post. I visited other blogs and the options are there for the whole world to see. So frustrating.