Trying to create ' vintage ' colors etc and effects


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Hi and i am new here so hello first , i am trying to develop a style of art for some music releases i have been asked to design for a record label selling vinyl records and music which is very 70's and they want a kind of asthetic similiar to the one below but obviously with a personal touch.

I am posting with regard to an advice on plugins or techniques for getting these monochrome and colour effects and if there are any tricks i should know about or colour pallettes of old vintage colours or if i am reading to much into the techniques , i am fairly new to design and worked largely with photo editing and compilation so new to this side of things.I work with Cs6 etc.I have Alien skin exposure which has worked wonders for photographic side and grain but i need to nail the monochrome / colour aspects .

I am not trying to mimic whats below but just interested in tips or a dialogue on this older style of design ( though the label who made these covers are modern )

My own thoughts are that Font style is key as is the colour of the backround and also colour choice and also source material being used etc .




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You've answered your own question to some extent. It's all about font and image choice, monochrome colours on separate layers, textured backgrounds, filters etc.
Reduce the saturation with the colours. You may find some retro tutorials online and tips on colour palettes if you hunt around. Check in Photoshop too re palettes. I suggest
you have a play around with layer styles in Ps too.


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I'd search out terms like "duotone" and "over printing" for the kind of look/feel.

There are some Ps plug-ins and tut's for creating the duotone and you can use the drop down in layers (multiply, screen) to get those over printed looks.
A nice touch is to simulate mis-registration and knock them out of line a bit.

I found a tut which is not exactly the same look but uses a lot of the same techniques to get there.



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Many thanks guys and it was just handy to get confirmation i was not missing something major and in the right ball park and many thanks for the link , if i manage to do anything i will post it up for some feedback