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Trigonometry Game

Hi, my School design project is to Design a game that helps children, between the ages of 11 and 13, to understand Trigonometry. I don't know where to start. Any suggestions or general Advise? I look forward to your response

Sean Lee-Amies

Welcome to DF, if you feel like it, you could introduce yourself in the Introduction forum :)
You can start by coming up with some ideas on how to solve your problem. When you've got some ideas, feel free to run them past us and we'll happily help you out, but we're not going to be doing your work for you.


Staff member
My background is product design...
Basic process to work through - I'm not going to do it for you, that's your job :)
1) Set Brief
2) Break down brief into key words, phrases and problems
3) spider diagram them to expand on these words
4) use spider diagram to direct creativity for initial ideas
5) select initial ideas that have most potential
6) critique/review initial ideas, get feedback from others
7) develop initial idea(s) with most potential
Repeat steps 6-7 until you have a finished product
8) create final presentation work for idea