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Torn Between 2 Portfolios


Well-Known Member
Hi guys. Some of you will know me, I'm an illustrator. I have my work on various sites, and own a couple of URLs that I'm planning to point to my main portfolio website.

But I need your help.

I have a website as part and parcel of my Artstation account, and one I put together on Wix. I keep flip-flopping as to which I prefer in terms of design and ease of use. If you wouldn't mind taking a few seconds to glance at each and let me know which you find most appealing, please post here which one you prefer.


(PS - Before anyone mentions Squarespace, it's excellent and I used to have a site on there years ago, but can't really justify paying their increased prices right now.)

Paul Murray

Staff member
I prefer the Artstation one. Firstly it loads much faster than the wix site, and the thumbnail layout is much more user-friendly than the slider plus thumbs (I'm generally not a fan of sliders unless the situation really calls for it). The Artstation platform is less intrusive about their branding, where as wix has two floating elements advertising their site. Overall it just feels more professional.


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Thanks for the quick response Paul. Your points are exactly the things I'd been thinking about. I've been looking at both sites for so long I'd started going a little bit "wood for the trees" here. Awesome feedback.


Well-Known Member
Thanks guys. The Wix one does have an editor for customising a mobile version of the site but as Levi said, it's not exactly adaptive. I'll continue using ArtStation as my main site to point people to. As a bonus it comes top of the list of results when I search "Jim Algar Art" anyway.