Tools and software for infographics design


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Hi everyone,

I am looking for tools and software that would help me with designing product-related infographics. Specifically, I want to be able to quickly implement graphic components to show zoomed-in shots of parts of the products to pinpoint on their feature and etc., and also be able to show dimensions of various side in a perspective form vs flat, and any related capabilities to enhance the infographics. As you have correctly guessed, I am not a trained designer but have been exposed to the field for many years

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Yeah, I'd like some software that does all that too, preferably free.....

Yes that is sarcasm. As above, pay to hire a designer.


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Take a look at Inkscape, Affinity Designer or Adobe InDesign/Illustrator if you really want to try and do it yourself and spend many hours learning new software and tools etc.,
or spend a few hundred quid and get it done properly by a professional.


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As you can gather - there is no software that does this.
There is software - but you need training on it to be successful - otherwise you'll end up with something terrible.

Yes, I can go out and buy bricks and mortar, and build a wall myself, but the time and energy and money would have been spent better hiring a builder, who would do a far better job than I could ever do.

Tools and equipment are one thing, building it is another set of things altogether.

I have found a cool web-based tool with a free tier. Canva It supports info-graphic design for web, social publishing and print, animation and has a ton of templates. Perfect for designers making marketing media.
I think it could replace a good portion of the functions of a graphic design suite. Hope you like it!


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Canva is a pain in the hole.

We work mostly in print and the havoc this piece if shit causes is ridiculous.

We actually reject pdfs made from canva. Joke piece of shite arseholery.


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I'll elaborate - we actually expalin to customers that the PDF won't print properly that Canva is not worthy for print and the PDFs have too many issues.
We then have to charge them to redesign the layouts for them in print ready format - and they don't accept this charge.
We then charge them for the print - and when it comes back wrong - they end up paying the print + design + another round of print.

It is actually got to the stage we flat out reject Canva PDFs for print as we know they won't print properly.


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I did a big, detailed, isometric map to show different uses of a product a few years back.
It needed to be detailed because they were zooming into parts of it and I think it was the intention to use Canva for that part of it.
Thing is, the refresh rate in Canva couldn't keep up with the zoom and it rendered it almost useless.