Tools and software for infographics design


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Hi everyone,

I am looking for tools and software that would help me with designing product-related infographics. Specifically, I want to be able to quickly implement graphic components to show zoomed-in shots of parts of the products to pinpoint on their feature and etc., and also be able to show dimensions of various side in a perspective form vs flat, and any related capabilities to enhance the infographics. As you have correctly guessed, I am not a trained designer but have been exposed to the field for many years

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Yeah, I'd like some software that does all that too, preferably free.....

Yes that is sarcasm. As above, pay to hire a designer.


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Take a look at Inkscape, Affinity Designer or Adobe InDesign/Illustrator if you really want to try and do it yourself and spend many hours learning new software and tools etc.,
or spend a few hundred quid and get it done properly by a professional.


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As you can gather - there is no software that does this.
There is software - but you need training on it to be successful - otherwise you'll end up with something terrible.

Yes, I can go out and buy bricks and mortar, and build a wall myself, but the time and energy and money would have been spent better hiring a builder, who would do a far better job than I could ever do.

Tools and equipment are one thing, building it is another set of things altogether.