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Tin hat time!


Junior Member
Hi Guys,

My primary reason for joining up was to grab some feedback on our website upgrade.

Our existing site is at: Isles of Scilly Travel - Fly or sail to the Isles of Scilly in Cornwall with Skybus and Scillonian III

The "new" version is at; http://www.islesofscilly-travel.co.uk/default-new1.asp

At the moment only the home page and the press release section (links on the right of the home page) have new pages.

The project is being executed by myself and I'm working with our Marketing Manager on content, look/feel etc, we have to stick reasonably close to the "new" format as it's been approved by our CEO.

I would welcome any comments on how to spruce it up some more, improve the look/feel etc.

Although do please be gentle as some of the site (left menu being one) has literally just been thrown up there for the time being.

The existing site is cluttered imo, but has loads of information that we are updating and planning to move into the new site, once that's largely complete we're going to look at it more logically and move/remove/update pages, create new sections, etc.

Ok, let me have it then!!

And thanks!

(Quick update after reading Gregs sticky!)

Design brief, are you sure? This is a small Cornish company we're talking about here!

In a nutshell the site has been the same for several years now, the company puts out a brochure each season and the 2009/10 brochure changed the colourways and look/feel that matched the old site, so the new site is a) going to tie in with the colour of the new brochure (I'll get a link up tomorrow) and b) improve navigation / indexing capability and possibly c) improve web visibility by putting better tagging, keywords, social media, etc

Will add some images and whatnot tomorrow!