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Thoughts & suggestions on logo design - pls be QUITE nice :)


Junior Member
Ok, this is only the second logo design I've done for someone so am still feeling quite scared about it but would really appreciate any feedback / thoughts....

Anyway, let me know what you think!

Thanks guys :)


Junior Member
Hello,I agree it's a tricky name. At first glance I was trying to read the logo as 'ther travel' before I realised its the word 'other'.

Maybe the emphasis can be altered by keeping the word 'other' small and exactly the same on both logos and make the words 'travel' and 'scape' dominate. Or vice versa - create a strong 'other' and use travel and scape smaller (secondary).

The logo working the best for me is the one top right all in one line, but I'm not keen on the circle around the word 'other'. I think you could develop this on by removing the large circle and focus on the typography.

Hope this helps a little, good luck, looking forward to seeing the next round.


Senior Member
thats a difficult one. i think the best ones out the lot are the ones in the top right corner but i dont like the colours too much.
Always hard when you work on a logo for an amount of time, you clearly see 'Other' but to an outsider looking, it's then easy to be draw more towards 'ther' and then not seeing the exact reference you're trying to obtain.

Top right are the strongest, but i think there could be more development to create a stronger brand. I guess it's then hard if you're not perhaps that confident using Illustrator, which might be the case. Perhaps get a strong identity on paper first so you know your reasoning for the direction and thinking you've chosen.


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I would go down the rout eof trying to incorporate a graphic into the "O" - it's to confusing. If there is any confusion over the name of the company or what it is actually called then design has crept ahead of communication.