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This site in IE??


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Hi guys, I have firefox and safari and have checked the following site on these 2 browsers but dont have any idea where to get ie 6/7/8 for mac.. therefore cannot check what it looks like on IE! Can someone please give me some feedback? the site is at: Victory Composites Ltd Would be great to get some help with how to test on IE in future too if anyone knows.. Thankyou :)


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hi, thanks for the links - i tried it in netrenderer and sort of got half a webpage back, i screengrabbed and tried to attach but its too large, if you try the url: Victory Composites Ltd

in netrenderer you'll see.. so im not sure if this is what itd look like in IE, or just because a) its a jquery based site b) its just what netrenderer is doing

on browsershots, ashamedly didnt even know where to start.. there seemed to be no checkboxes for ie..

sorry and thanks! would be good to know what to d ofrom here



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There we go :p
Took the liberty of already submitting the site... you can find the link here but it will expire in half an hour unless someone (I'll try to think of it) refreshes it.



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The results are in... but the IE7 failed (not your fault) and I actually forgot that they really only show a screenshot, not an entire page :p
I can't remember exactly what but it was far less that Bootcamp - i'm sure around 5gb maybe?

Not bad for the size of my hard drive so well worth it, i should work for them i love it that much!!


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Hi people

Not so long ago i posted about the following site and asked what it looked like in IE (as a mac user i dont have it..)


I got told here that it works fine in ie6, 7 and 8.. but have recently seen it doesnt work! Its a bit dodgy on IE6, the persons laptop i saw it on has ie7, and its also wrong in ie8 apparently.

the things that are wrong are:
a) quick contact tab: is transparent in background
b) navigation menu - the heading at the top "CONTACT ME" has ended up on 2 lines .... CONTACT
c) on the homepage, there are rotating grey quotes. in IE they sort of 'overlap' the page to then be centered to the right..

Can anyone help me out with this? I've tried to add a seperate stylesheet for IE but cant work out what rules to add..or whether this is correct to add - I see no difference

<!--[if IE]>
<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="my-IE-stylesheet.css" />

<![if !IE]>
<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="my-main-stylesheet.css" />

Any help much appreciated as its a bit urgent