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This is the bit I hate!

I am helping out a friend come up with some ideas for her new business. She is producing snacks for dog using all natural ingrediance locally sourced. I am trying to convey the naturalness in the image but not sure if it is not just getting lost into the background. I would appreciate some advice. :)

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I'm not sure I want to ask her to change the name - she is really chuffed with it. I hope that if it is on the shelf with other dog treats with clear enough branding then hopefully it wont be an issue.


Staff member
furry gourmet - first thought I had was mouldy food, it always looks like a fur/fluffy texture in my opinion.

Not a good name in my opinion sorry
Name aside I think it is lost in the background, the colour and texturing on the background are a bit heavy, and the thinness/ lightness of the typeface and overlay compounds this.

It also looks too randomly spread out, the 'the' positioning is too far away from the 'Furry' and I'm not keen on it being on it's side as it only serves to distract. If you moved the 'Furry' to the right then the descender on the 'y' could overhang and allow you to tighten it up and bring everything a bit closer/ more compact.
Thanks Russell, its good to have some comments on the design.

I have however spoken to my friend about everyone’s impression of the name and she has come up with a much better name with no other connotations. So scrub this for now!