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Things to consider while re-designing a website

Hello Friends,

I am planning to redesign the website. By re-design I mean complete change in the look and feel of the website, and changing URL of the landing page too.

I just want guidance as what all things do I need to keep in mind while redesigning? What are the latest trends followed in web designing.


Staff member
Are you a web designer or developer? If the answer is no, I would highly recommend you start by employing one to talk through your site's needs, direction, target audience etc.. then let them do the hard work for you. In the mean time you could be busy making money doing what ever it is you do. :)
If you are redesigning your website then you need to follow the following tips:
  1. Do not add unnecessary things in the home page, keep it simple
  2. Add high quality and relevant images in your website to increase the user experience
  3. Do not change your domain name because it will impact your rank in the searching engine
  4. Add simple navigation structure in your website
  5. Add call to action button in your website
  6. Add a searching box in the UI.
Hi Kapil, here some website redesign steps you can follow to re-design your website.....

1. firstly you deside the plateform for your design of your website.
2. Choose the theme of your website, this effects on the website look.
3. please deside the functionality of your website
Now you can redesign your website.