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Themes & Templates - Do we need to design any more?


Junior Member
Hey all

Just a quick question. Over the passed few days I've been getting familiar with wordpress, specifically the free themes on offer and I've come up with some thoughts.

I thought how easy it would be to get a clients requirements, and find a free theme that matches them. Install the theme and change a bit of the content. Then pass the website off as my own. I'd imagine the process would take a couple of days to complete and after that - Hazah! - I've made a few hundred pounds.

I've taken a look at my big book of lawz and it seems it's perfectly legal.

Is this what designers are doing nowadays?


Active Member
Most free themes look pretty poor IMO, so it would take a lot of work to edit the style to make it look near presentable for a client in my book. Plus you would be reverse designing/building a site, not taking into account the clients individual requirements and trying to shoehorn their needs into a layout that will probably not suit.

Having said that I'm sure there's people out there doing that, I wouldn't strongly advise going down that route!