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The RAT has returned!

Discussion in 'General Software & Hardware Forum:' started by GilmoreVisuals, Mar 27, 2014.

  1. GilmoreVisuals

    GilmoreVisuals Active Member

    I'm sure you're all going to love this... my girlfriend bought me a new and better RAT (mouse). Mmmmhm.

    What mice do you use?

  2. Levi

    Levi Moderator Staff Member

  3. scotty

    scotty Well-Known Member

    That looks like our hoover! :)

    I just use my Wacom.
  4. wac

    wac Senior Member

    This one in the studio:

    Logitech MX Performance Mouse
    This one on the road:

    Microsoft Arc Mouse
  5. gcol90

    gcol90 Junior Member

    prepare yourselves cuz you're all gonna be jealous.

    ... i got it free with my mac and it does the job.

    i do have a magic mouse too but it's horrible to use.
  6. GilmoreVisuals

    GilmoreVisuals Active Member

    Jokes aside, do people find that using a good mouse increases efficiency?

    Personally, and realistically, I think a good mouse will speed things up by about 10% - 20% (compared to an okish mouse).
  7. I used to have a Razer Naga but I have since learnt that gaming mice are usually built to a pretty low standards. It simply stopped working just after the warranty expired.

    I'm now using the Logitech MX Performance, same as Wac, and it's great.
  8. Epic New Media

    Epic New Media New Member

    Is that real? Looks epic.
  9. Jimlad

    Jimlad Well-Known Member

    I'm using the trackpad that came with my mac, but I'm regretting the decision. I'd really like to get a good mouse, not sure if I should shop around or just get an apple magic mouse. And what the hell is that RAT thing? It looks like one of Michael Bay's new Transformers!
    gcol90 likes this.
  10. Levi

    Levi Moderator Staff Member

    the rat is a 'gaming' mouse, has different weights you can use iirc too.

    As to getting a mouse, I'd go into pcworld/staples (shudder) or similar and try the mouse in the shop, then either check for a better online price :) Having said that pcworld prices have come down a fair bit of late, they can actually compete with some online prices on some items.
  11. gcol90

    gcol90 Junior Member

    Looking into a new mouse. Any recommendations? I can't really justify spending a whole lot on one, but I'm also struggling to find ones that work well with OS X, ergonomic and a decent price. Also, a lot of wireless ones seem to be mobile only. The Logitech MX Performance mouse is a little too pricey for me, I've seen the Logitech M705 which seems similar to the MX and its only £25. However, some reviews say the laser isn't straight so causes problems in the long run. Looked at Microsoft mice, some seem good, but again, all laptop ones, i.e. mobile mice. So! Any recommendations? What other brands other than Logitech and Microsoft are good? Also, sorry for the rambling post. Tapatalk ignores my paragraphs.
  12. I know it's pricey, but I'm still using my Logitech MX without any problems whatsoever. I'd love to be able to recommend something else, but the truth is that I've not been through that many and haven't had to change since getting this one almost a year and a half ago.
  13. gcol90

    gcol90 Junior Member

    Yeah I've heard real good things about the MX, but heard it's a bit cumbersome if you've got smaller hands? Other reviews say that the MX Anywhere mouse is good too, just smaller - aimed at laptop users, however people use it as their daily driver.

    I tried the Magic Mouse again today. It's terrible.

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