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the name


Junior Member
I have been looking a name for a site I am working on and the .com version of the ideal name I want has been held by someone since 2005 but not used!:mad:
Do you think that by using the name as a .org or a .co.uk would take the value out of them holding the .com or should I just think up a different name?:confused:
Please can someone give me some advice?


Senior Member
If you are a UK residence I would advising using the .co.uk :)
When doing a whois, are the details private, it might be worth approaching them about taking the domain off their hands
If it's not being used for anything then it shouldn't cause you problems with conflicting search results and stuff if you just get the .co.uk. Assuming they haven't geo-targetted the UK for the .com domain the .co.uk will rank higher in UK search results by default anyway.


Junior Member
Sorrry I have just got back to my desk - thanks for the responses.
The one concern I have is someone nicking my market from me if I make a success of this website, also if the site starts oporating beyond the UK could this be a problem. I would normally think of buying both .com and .co.uk.
It appears to be registered to ENOM.
Enom is a domain registrar, either you're reading the whois wrong or they're using some kind of private whois system whereby the registrar uses their details instead. Emailing the addresses there should still work though, just try not to make it seem like spam or they'll dump it and he/she will never get it.


Junior Member
I think the client is being kept private. I will try emailing!

Thanks Mark for the suggestion of contacting the owner direct - they are happy to let me have it. This is probably a really basic question but can someone tell me how to transfer ownership of a name?
Well technically Renniks suggested it first, although I think his name is Mark too :p.

To transfer it differs between registrars, just pick one and look for the 'transfer' option on their site and they'll guide you through it. Generally it involves the current owner making sure it's not locked then clicking an email confirmation link after you start the process.

If you want to use escrow that's different again, you'd have to look at the different options available.