The ideal graphic design magazines to advertise as a printer

Hi all

We are looking to advertise in 3 or 4 different monthly magazines (as a printer) aimed towards graphic designers and graphic design companies, so I was looking for your thoughts and suggestion on what you recommed as ideal magazines (and most read) within the graphic design world please?



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I don't really read magazines, but I guess any tech related one will have some targeted audience.

What are you trying to advertise? I don't think magazine advertising is the most effective way, compared to online methods.

Sean Lee-Amies

I don't read magazines either, I think magazines and newspapers in general have been in decline for a while now.

I spend the majority of my research and reading time online in places like here, Design Forums..! We're a community that caters almost exclusively for graphic designers and owners of graphic design companies. You could also consider news sites, social media sites - perhaps some FaceBook advertisements might serve you well?


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I still buy 1 maybe 2 magazines a month, both 3d mags.... not so much for the actual magazine but for the free stuff they give with it, got to love free 3D models/tools etc which would cost at least 5x the cost of the magazine :)

Used to get things like stuff/t3 but because they're monthly they're out of date by the time you get them with the likes of blogs etc.

Honestly if I was looking to advertise a printing company these days I'd be looking at online advertising, you'd hit a larger market for less money in most cases.

Michelle Duncan

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I get magazines now and again, as the others say, I don't think you'll get a very good response. It's so easy to just ignore the adverts by turning the page, it's second nature to filter them out.
Thank you for the replies and this echoes our thoughts here regarding the less interest these days with printed magazines . We are going to push the website with links and also looking to online advertise already through a few sites. We do have very good word of mouth, although maybe I will get the team to look into more forums base stuff as mentioned
Thanks for the good advice all