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The Holy Grail - Search Engine Optimisation

Its easy enough to build a website but its like a light house in the desert if I can't get enough of the right visitors to view my website it will just sit there in cyberspace gathering dust so to optimise my website for the search engines I have completed the following tasks to hopefully increase my position in the search engine raking [PR2 at the mowment]

  1. Registered a domain name, [http//www.help4yo.com] OK domain name not related to company name “Website Design Services Cumbria”, [H1] but you can't have every thing, incorporated company name and keywords into slogan, “Website Design Services Cumbria are a web design company specialising in affordable website design!” cheesy I now but optimised
  2. Used Drupal open source software, PHP based with CSS guidance for ease of use fast page loading.
  3. WC3 Validated
  4. Used Search engine friendly Titles for example http:/www.help4yo.com/website-design instead of http:/www.help4yo.com/page1.php or html
  5. Used Titles [h2] with Keywords [web design cumbria, website design cumbria, Website Design Services Cumbria]
  6. Added Alt and Title tags in links and pictures
  7. Validated each page with Meta Tag Analyser
  8. Added Articles still on going for fresh content with internal links to each article
  9. Added Reciprocal Link Partners still on going with internal links to each link

Can some one please help, have I missed anything out, can you put me on the right track?


Junior Member
I would start submitting high quality articles to high PR design blogs to get more links back, Colin. Yes, you are on the right track.