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The Best Brands in Sheffield, 2010

Worth checking out...Results just in

The Best Brands in Sheffield, 2010

Over the last six months Web Branding has been exploring the various branding methods utilised in Sheffield in order to find Sheffield's best brands.
The competition was open to Businesses, Local Authorities and any organisation with a significant branding presence in the city. Over 100 local brands have been judged.

All Organisations have been scored on a number of areas including Web Presence, Brand Recognition and Branding Design.

Link to the Site:
Web Branding's Best Brands 2010

Or check out the Video here:
[ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R5fztGbtiVo"]YouTube - The Best Brands in Sheffield 2010[/ame]
video resolution goes up to 1080p HD

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