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Text Effects

Hi everyone. An in-house project we've been working on using typography in 3D. Photoshop can do some really good things with text these days, but when going for a full 3D visual, it can often come across as looking flat and lacking in weight. Here are some scenes I put together using text imported from Photoshop into our 3D software.

Please view images at full resolution for best results! (Some are higher-res than others.)

And for those interested, here are some clay* renders to better show the 3D geometry.

*Clay is a term used for renders created without using any materials. Often used to test scene lighting or model geometry.

What do you guys think? Is typography better kept in programs like Photoshop (you could argue you can make results just as good in there), or could CGI also be used for these purposes?


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I love the Ice one and the Brass one is spot on, very impressive

What software do you guys use? Is it Cinema4D or 3DS?


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Very nice work. And as is often the case I think the answer to your question is combining the two. Very realistic stuff, :)
Which 3D package do you use?
Bah....I see your game....don't be fooled people....that's real ice, real concrete and those brass letters are well....brass! Just add a dash of Brasso and Bob's yer uncle!

Ha! It takes more than your slight of hand trickery to fool an old timer like me.

Nice work by the way....;)

Yer clever bugger.(nod)
Glad you like them, everyone! Thanks for the comments. :)

Kudosis: The software we use is a mix of SolidWorks and Rhino, then rendering out from Maxwell Render. I'd like to get into 3D Studio Max but it's a bit too expensive for us right now.

Onartis: We're actually thinking of other ones we can do as it was a fun project. I'll post them here as and when they're complete.

Jimlad: I think combining the two is the best answer as well!

Typo: Haha, thanks Typo. Much appreciated. :)

To those who may have not seen it, I made a bit more of a detailed explanation as to what I do and what programs I use right here. Hope that helps!