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So far my website redesign is going great, there's just a couple of minor things to work out before I throw it up in the feedback section.

Anyway, I've been searching around for ways to display testimonials and thought I'd pop the question in here for some responses.

I've noticed a couple of places do different things, some display testimonials in a small rotating box on the homepage or list all the testimonials on a single page, but it feels like there isn't artwork behind those words. In a previous version of my site I've displayed the testimonials alongside each piece of work to give it more meaning but wondered if it was time for a change.

What are your thoughts on displaying testimonials?


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Depends entirly on the site, for me I always tell/sorry guide, clients to put them on the contact form page normally next to it, that way if someones still not certain there is a past testimonial of a previous client, nomally on the page with the work as well thats normally quite good, or in the middle of 2 paragraphs set out from the rest, is also good.

But be orginial get the clients to write them, and a email does not count, or do a video for you. Then scan the written testimonial or put the video on. 10 scanned in written testimonials in 10 different peoples hand writing is much more believable than:

"I hired Dave last year and he did a great job, I would recommend him to any one."
Dave - o crap sorry John

If its a video then even more powerful, your clients liked you that much they decided to sit down and actual say it on camera. Offer a discount if they do to encourage them.

But again you will need a few because if its a video of Dave saying how great Daves service was, then well not exactly believeable. 5 or 10 people on the other hand....
I can agree with you on the video idea. I've also seen a video testimonial, unfortunately there was only one on the page so like you say the validity goes down.

As for testimonials on the contact page, definitely a good idea. I should have thought about that before I redesigned my contact page ;)


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There are some awesome things that can be done with jQuery animations, but I'm not a fan of testimonials. As Jazz said, if random nobody says it, it must be believable!

Until you have Richard Branson or Alan Sugar telling everyone your work is great, I wouldn't worry too much.


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I have to admit the best one we have done is hand written testimonials scanned in and put into a lightbox effect. There was 6 or 7 of them all on different paper, all with different hand writting by far, all used different ink and all very readable. Videos aside that is one of the best ways to put them on and most creadable. As thats hard to fake.


I don't personally see it as particularly difficult to fake 6 or 7 different hand writing styles. I'm sure most people know more than 6 or 7 people and could probably write a couple of them themselves.

However, whilst that might be the case, your average person won't generally tend to think that much about the credentials of a testimonial and the likelihood of them being genuine. I think video testimonials would go an incredibly long way to boosting confidence of potential clients, however, it can be difficult to collect enough and be able to present it in a user friendly way.

One thing you could do with written testimonials is to get the client to write it on a branded sheet of paper with some small design elements and a brief paragraph about the client leading on to their testimonial, i.e. I/we created/designed <enter project info> for <enter client name> and this is what they thought of my/our work: "<enter testimonial>"