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Tenders wanted from designers with SEO experience


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We are looking for quotes from experienced designers with ecommerce and SEO experience to create a specialist marketplace site (non auctioning) probably using GeoClassAuctions Enterprise. Most of its functuality will be derived directly from this software but there are areas of difference.
The site has a good chance of getting grant funding but we need competitive tenders, though the choice will not be made entirely on price.
Front page

This is a draft image -
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Front page will have list of the 8 categories with rolling images that will be hand chosen from latest adverts.
From these images the user can select categories or item being displayed.
From this page the user can go t:
MyPage – this lists items being sold, being watched, recently bought.
Sell - this page list conditions on items been sold and moves onto a page where user can select category and choose other options according to category from fields to best describe item being sold; they also enter images and description. To this user must be logged in and have setup a shop on site.
Search – this gives an advanced search enabling user to create powerful search queries based on category fields, key words, and distance by post code (the ability to do this is inbuilt into GeoClassAuction.
Community – forum entries. This will be split into many categories.
Hello OR Sign in – for registered people the site will include users name and the option to log out, other wise the site will give the invitation to login.
Contact – this will give many FAQ to try to help user, but will lead onto contact information by email (already setup).
Help pages
Find items

These pages are to help break down the content to the user. We will in house select items for the first categories and update it ourselves; “Buy Local” will provide a map around their post code with all shops shown, “The Artisans” will be alphabetical list, with the option of filtering by distance, and/or category.
Product listings

Products will be listed with their image. From this the user can buy the item, see the sellers rating (created in the same way as Ebay /Etsy ratings ie direct from customers) visit the sellers shop to find other products and learn more about the seller, etc etc.

This is a key requirement, we need to ensure this sites is near the top of all relevant searches.

I need the quote to be split into different components:
Logo design (no essential)

Website mockup
First year support
Further maintenance will be done by us, and day to day updating of images, blogs, new forum sections will all be done by us (we have programming experience).

Further detail

For anyone interested in this job, please contact me direct and I will go through further detail.



We build, design and provide SEO for companies.

Could you contact me with everything you would like to done and we can get costs together for you. We are not going to be the cheapest as we create quality and useful SEO.

Has this already passed us by?

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