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Templated work...

I have been asked to quote on a job where they are needing me to create a series of internal documents but they would like to edit them at a later date - I have never created templates like this before.

They have asked for me to create them in publisher but I cannot do this, one for the fact I don't have this software but also I refuse to use it :D. Does anybody know any other software I could use to create these template for them? or a way I can get around this.

Thanks all.


Staff member
publisher is one of those programs that will only really work properly with publisher, it doesn't even play especially nice with other ms programs

Alternatives: You could use MS Word depending on the requirements
Honestly, Word is not the software to layout such things, no matter how good your templates are. Your client will most likely run into trouble which they will want you to help them with, and for wich they will think bad about your skills. If I were you I would either make them a good price for reoccurring work and do it yourself or I would sell them the idea of buying InDesign and lern how to use it to update your InDesign templates ;)