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Who here can say that they *successfully* telecommute and are as productive at home as they are at their office?

I live 40 miles away from the office I inhabit alongside my agency client. They like me to be there in person to answer phone calls, and for them to be able to look over my shoulder every now and then to see what I am doing - VERY irritating...

Recently, I started working from home using a mixture of webmail, VNC and FTP systems to keep me in touch. Does that really work with you?

I can keep an eye on the email easily enough, through the use of webmail, to be able to act upon whatever comes in immediately. I can use my remote machine from home using VNC, although there are serious speed issues that make that *ever so* frustrating. I have a 10Mb connection, they have an 8Mb connection, which sounds great in essence; however the UPLOAD speeds are stupidly slow in comparison - approx 512Kb from my side. So in the main I use it to remotely locate files, and then FTP them down to me directly using CyberDuck for me to work on locally.

It's a load of rigmarole and a right waste of time! Does anyone else have a better experience in this field, and if so, please let me know how you do it.

I thank you...
I have been telecommuting since I started freelancing last year and I find it to be a very easy method of working with clients. I use email, skype, ftp and prefer to be paid via pay pal...it works out great! I prefer to work over email as that way I can have everything on record!

I have clients in 7 countries including the UK and so telecommuting is the only option hehe.