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Tear it Apart!


Sean Lee-Amies

So I thought it might be interesting to post up an old site I completed a couple of years ago for the purpose of tearing it apart and analysing it as much or as little as people are interested in doing so - don't worry about causing offence or any such nonsense, it's such an old site that I literally don't care!
So the only rules are that you can say what ever you want, but, you're limited to only 3 changes, try not to be vague like "I would change all the graphics". You've got to prioritise what you would fix first and whether or not it should make the cut. I'm personally going to be interested to see what people prioritise first and why. Hopefully after a couple of people have posted their responses we can have a bit of discussion about why you made those choices and compare it against others. Hopefully not everyone says the same stuff, or this thread will be a huge fail!
Anyway, here's the site: http://www.seahavendance.co.uk
Too dark and the contrast between text and background makes it hard to read.
Text spanning full width is off putting, needs some form of sidebar element to break the page up.
That is one ugly contact form.

On a side note. It is interesting looking back at old projects...this was the first site I built after turning to full time freelancing 18months ago: http://party-rock.co.uk/ (feel free to tear that apart too if you like, although i'm not meaning to hijak your thread here Sean :p )

Sean Lee-Amies

Yes, you're right, that is one horrendous contact form...! One of the text elements disappears when you hover over it too :S I can't disagree with anything you've said about it!
As for yours... that header... haha. Have you ever been able to offer past clients a re-design?
I'm just waiting on completing a couple new projects so I can get this one out of my portfolio!!
I'm currently redoing this one: http://riversidehealth.co.uk which was done around the same time as the Party Rock Leisure Site. Most of my clients don't have the money to spend on a redesign every couple years though.
I dare say the sites we're all doing now will look awful in 2 to 3 years time...that's the trouble with design, especially web.