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Tea towels


Junior Member

Hope I am posting in the right area - if not, then sorry, please forgive me I´m new.

I have designed some tea towels for a niche market - there are of about 20 route maps.

Problem is I can't purchase 100% cotton tea towels, with the designs printed for less than £7 each - I'm offering the service that each design/tea towel can be personalised.

I've seen today other tea towels in my niche that are selling for £2.99, they are 100% cotton (no they can't be personalised).

I'm wondering if I can purchase blank white tea towels and put my designs on them via transfers?

Has anyone done this? Would it work? Or, do you know of a supplier that would be able to do this? If I'm really lucky maybe the supplier could even dropship them.....

I know... I'm asking a lot - but you never know until you ask ;)