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Tattooist's websites.


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I have been asked by my tattooist to redesign his website.

I've spent a few hours plodding around the net to try and find a well designed website for a tattooist and I am starting to come to the conclusion that such a thing does not exist.

The standard seems to be awful tattoo style fonts, unnecessary flash elements and generally messy layouts. Not going to link to any of them incase they come back and shout at me...

But I would welcome anyone who has seen a well designed tattooist website to please make it know!


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mrp, what's the old site like, does the tattooist have an idea of what they like. A site can represent the owner not just the field of work they're in.


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strap yourself in...

He told me that a friend did it for free, so this time he wants to pay someone!

We have talked about what he doesn't want and mainly its something thats a million miles away from what he has!


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well you can't go far wrong with anything there lol..

If it was me I'd probably see if I could work up a design which has a monochrome 'tattoo' (designed by the two artists at the studio) surrounding (background) and maybe blending into the actual site design. Think of it kind of framing the text of the site etc, a bit like this blog idea although obviously not with the floral theme.


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I like the idea, but their styles are drastically different. Justin (my tattooist), is really old school inspired, with floral stuff and a great with colours. Matt (the other guy) is a black and grey master.

I think my best route is hyper clean.

The biggest thing was, if there was a bench mark for a well designed tattooist website! The thing that really bugged me was the thought of how talented most tattooist are and there has yet to be a designer who has pieced the amazing ability of the tattooist into a site layout.

Get ready, I got annoyed and wrote a blog!

Blood, Sweat & Breakfast Cereal - Tattoo websites. - Tattoo websites.


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Hey Mr P.

Im really liking the video in the current example, perhaps, if this was full screen with your suggested hyper clean UI would work well, similar to say something like this....

GOTOCHINA but video in the back ground ... Although I don't have a tattoo of have even considered it, if I was i suppose Id want to know from the website the following (correct me if I'm wrong)

Whats the quality of work like
Is the place hygienic
Is there a selection of stuff already done that i could have done?

I hope this helps?


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Well thanks for the compliment as I made the video!

The go to china website is incredible! But sadly muggin's here that the video would only be used as a youtube thing, so shot it on my bridgey/dslr thing, so the video probably wouldn't be high enough quality to go full screen without some degradation!

I do like the idea of the full screen photos, and the way it scales. I would however need some serious pointers on how to code that! I am still learning.

The place is great, artwork is amazing, I am infact covered in their work. They are in the basement of a hair dressers/beauty place, so it is always impeccably clean.

I've spoken to him a little more, and he would like it to be clean and focus on the work as they have always wanted the place to no come across as a "tattoo people tattooist", in english, they want to be welcoming to the first timer and let their work speak to the already tattoo'd.

So really clean my best option. Hmmmm, ok, this has been loads of help so far!
The tattoist I went to has a pretty awful website too, the fonts are terrible and the header font has a red outer glow.

That and they've tried to cram almost every image they can of tattoos done there, onto the home page without realising there's the option of a gallery (actually think they have one somewhere, I couldn't bring myself to look past the home page.)
All of the tattooist websites I've ever come across are also the same with those fonts and styles and so on, but then I guess in many ways they do feel quite tattoo-y.

Perhaps just look to get a feel for the sort of tattoos he tends to do and the vibe of his shop and look at replicating that feel somewhat.


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I've had a long chat with him now about what I think, what he thinks.

And we are going clean, with a similar feel to a lifestyle clothing brand. Front page will have some very different photos and probably a re cut of the video I made, then get focussed on the tattoos once we are past the front.