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Tattoo idea..


Junior Member
this is my 2nd post. im new to here.

not sure if this will be in the right section or not, or how well it will go down me being new anol.

but im looking to get a new tattoo done.

i have all my ideas for my design and have it drew out roughly on a bit of paper lolol...

but i would love if someone would be able to put it all together for me properly, like in photoshop or something so it looks better and has nice straight defined lines for when i get the tattoo done.

maybe even add a bit extra to it if you have any ideas to jazz it up a bit.
my artistic side is almost non existent so im hoping for a bit of help or assistance..

am i in the right section?

its a tattoo of my daughters name with a small butterfly etc. on it. i have all the wee pics and bits needed etc.

can anyone help?


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If you are going to a decent tattooist let them do it! End of discussion.

They will understand things about positioning it and how it will look on your skin that most of us never will.


Staff member
Can you post up your rough visual?

Tattooists are good people to talk to but choose VERY carefully.
There are many that profess to be Tattoo "Artists" but most just work from flash (stock designs) and can't draw for toffee, although they may think they can.
Find a tattooist with a good rep in your area and it's worth waiting for a few weeks for a slot and paying a little more for a good job. Especially if it's your daughters name.

Oh, and welcome to the forum. It's to right place:)


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Patrick said:
Because whatever you get…you’re going to have it for a very long time.
What, Hep B? :p

A good way to find a decent tattooist is to do a search on your local forums.
There are usually tattoo threads.

Recommendation is a good thing to go on and any artist worth their salt will be more than happy to show you their book.

Registration for tattooist varies from area to area but anyone can set up as a tattooist even if they've never done one before.
Mostly you just need premises with basic hygiene and running water and you're set. :O

Patrick is right about hygiene.

Needles come packed pre-sterilised and are cheap so not much point in re-using and can't imagine anyone doing so as it's not worth the effort.
I use disposable tips/tubes/needles so all apart from the machine and clip cord are brand new and discarded after use.

Many tattooist have re-usable tips and tubes but these are thoroughly cleaned and sterilised in an autoclave which is how they treat medical instruments.

The work area should be set up prior to having a tattoo and all the inks should be put into the caps before they start to avoid contaminating back to the ink bottles.

One thing that surprises me when watching Miami Ink is that (like most American tattooists) they use a brand of deodorant stick as a transfer medium for the stencil and they use the same stick for each client.