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Targeting clients

Hi all,
I've targeted a couple of organisations and businesses who I think could do with some help on the design side, and I'd like to be the helper! I'm planning to write some covering letters to send out as a first contact and follow up with a call next week. Does anyone have any tips on what they'd include in such a letter?

I want to keep it short and to the point (at least, not too long that it looks like an essay!), but still come across as friendly, professional and not rude or abrubt. I want to make sure I plant a seed that they might like to use my services, but without implying what they already have is rubbish... It's a bit of a minefield I know.

In all honesty, I'd like to do some full branding work with them, but will have to offer to do some small bits and pieces first and maybe build up to the big stuff.

Just interested in any experience people here have had of doing this?



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Hi Owen,

As you mentioned, not implying what they have is rubbish will be key, as dismissing their existing design work could alienate them instantly if they're pleased with it, or it could come across as arrogant. I would focus on the positive outcomes of the design services you can provide, especially if you have examples of work in a similar industry/sector to who you're contacting. If you can back those claims up with relevant testimonials, and even as far as stats (enquiries went up by 75% following Owen's redesign of our print ad) then that should go down well.

Try and consider the reasons for them not improving their design to date, in my mind it would come down to a lack of budget or a lack of understanding, the former you would probably not be interested in as a lack of budget means little to no work, but educating a client on the business benefits of design could bring in some good ongoing work.

Hope that helps in some way.
Thanks, Greg
Yeah, that's the key. It's a case of making them aware that it would be worth the investment somehow! Not sure how friendly/familiar to play it, or if I want it to appear more formal. Hard to tell though until you actually know them!


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I think friendly but formal, so a lot of the work will be in the copy of your cover letter.

As for things to include;
- Any relevent work examples from their industry
- Brief background on your experience
- End by saying your available to stop by for a chat (& to show them your portfolio) at a time convenient to them?

For sending the letter itself, I would try and give a call first and get the details of the person to send the letter too, nothing worse than a generic 'Sir/Madam' or 'Marketing Manager' if you're putting all the effort in with the content. That's assuming you can't get the info yourself from their websites.
Yep, have already researched names etc. Think you've got the same ideas as me about the list to include. Cool, good to get your thoughts Greg, cheers. Will let you know if anything comes of these letters!