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Tailored Web Design Courses

Hi All,

Off the back of a previous post I have on this forum I have decided that I need a lot of help when it comes to designing a website!! :confused:

I have been trying to teach myself how to set up a site using CSS and Dreamweaver but keep hitting brick walls when it comes to adding specific effects to my site!

I think I would benefit from a decent web design course but as usual the options are mind boggling when I search the web!!

What I'm after ideally is a course where I can take the site I want built along with me and a tutor will take me through the site step by step and show me the best way to achieve the finished result. So more of a bespoke course aimed at designing a specific site instead of the usual course which teaches the basics.

Does anyone know of a course that I can go on that will help me out?



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Courses aren't worth the money, trust me. They're overpriced and out of date, you're better off spending a percentage of the cost of a course on a few decent books and reading blogs.
I've tried using courses like Lynda.com and VTC but they never seem to touch on specific requirements that I need for my site. Would be great if I could find a local tutor who could walk me through the whole process from start to finish.


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That's what this place is for. Take your CSS rollovers for example. Pay a tutor £stupid/hr or just nip on here and have actual professionals help you out… No-brainer really ;)
Cheers Harry... I get what you're saying but I know nothing about coding or best practice for web design. All I know is how to set up a basic page in Dreamweaver using div tags & CSS.

If I was to post my questions on here every time I got stuck I would start to get on peoples nerves I think! :)

I might invest in a quick starter course and try to find one that helps me to construct the site I'm after. Unless anyone on here local to Croydon would be willing to meet up and go through it with me? (for a fee obviously!)
I agree with Harry, however we all need a place where we get a general understanding of the subject to make a start.

I am a trained Graphic Designer with a degree and I can honestly say that having a degree in this subject has simply got me through the door for an interview. All of my knowledge I have picked up on the way has come from professionals or forums on the internet. The same applies to web design.

Web design moves so fast and as Harry said all of the courses out there are out of date. Ok there may be courses that will teach you the basics, the basics don't change much but they still do but over a longer period of time.

I'm in a similar transition at the moment, been trying and trying to get myself into web design, looking for a direction and I have found all of the training material is on the internet and in books. I however have had working experience in web design, which is a great advantage as it gives you the opportunity for you to practice. If you aren't fortunate enough to be in a working environment practicing building a site for someone can be a good start point. I say someone because I always find it 10x harder to do stuff for myself.

Sites such as Lynda.com are a great online starting point. Having a couple of books in each subject are always handy. Check the bestselling ones on amazon and you will be well on your way. Because I have experience I'm using books to fill the missing gaps. I enjoy the missing manual books, full of loads of information.

Web design/development is a massive subject and you will never know everything, but staying up with trends by following forums, like smashing magazine and other great ones out there can help you do this.

Good luck :D

Cheers Jason, lots of good advice there... I will crack on with my site and try to get to grips with the basics as a starting point I think and then probably hassle people on here quite a bit for tips when I get stuck!


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Hi Dan,

As others have already mentioned, I would look at picking up a decent book or two on CSS, and then read up on sites like Harrys. If you can teach yourself to hand code basic sites with a good standard of HTML/CSS then that will provide an excellent base for moving onto other coding languages, if and when needed. Plus you'll get a greater level of experience, knowledge and satisfaction knowing that you've self taught, and not wasted your cash on an out-of-date course :)

Good luck! and I'm sure if you stay involved on the forums and start to be a familiar face people will always be willing to help out with any issues along the way.