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T-shirt printing

Does anyone know where i can get t-shirts printed at low cost and a small run, they dont have to be best quality as their only gonna be used for promo.

I will be supplying the artwork.


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Low cost and small run doesn't generally exist in tshirt printing.

First thing, how many colours would the design be?

Second thing, how many are we talking?

Third thing, can you give me any idea of the artwork as that effect how it can be done.

Realistically you have 2 options on a short run (without it costing a fortune); heat press vinyl, your artwork would have to be really simple and the colours would be a complication or DTG printing, more expensive but limitations in terms of artwork are almost non existent.

And I know a great place for DTG printing and I think Ken knows someone who knows a thing or 2 about heat pressing.

Simple questions simply breed answers BBOL
Hi HarlequinStudio,

I think your cheapest options will be Flexi-Print or Transfer Print. Flexi-Print is ideal for high quality clothes printing and is also extremely durable but is only really used for logos and designs with 4 block colours or less. Transfer print will allow you to print almost any design in full colour on a printed tshirt, however the print quality is not as vibrant and isn't as durable as flexi-print.

Or like mrp2049 said 'Direct To Garment Printing', this is another option of good quality print. Screen printing is another option but is only used for bulk clothing printing.

Please feel free to click one of the links for more info.

Kindest regards,


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AppletreePrint said:
Screen printing is another option but is only used for bulk clothing printing.
Well I'm going to disagree with that straight away! I can recommend a screen printer who will run as low as 5! I know some amateurs who will run you a single!

But in terms of a minimal run, quality, diversity of colours, there is nothing better than DTG.

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If there is one thing I know too much about in terms of printing, it is t-shirts, I know enough to make most peoples heads explode.

I'm not trying to seem confrontational, just getting the correct info out there.
Hi, I am disagree your point that they don't have the best quality at low cost and small run. Create your own T-shirt online with your own artwork or choose from our various clip-arts, predesigned fonts and pictures. We use high quality of cloth for T-shirts to give you 100% fulfillment.