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T-Shirt Printing?

Discussion in 'Tenders & Services Required Forum:' started by GFCanvasPrintsUK, Mar 23, 2009.

  1. Hello,

    Does anyone here offer T-Shirt printing?

    If so, would you be able to give me a price per T-Shirt, it may just have for example on the front and back 'Frazer's Stag Party'

  2. Invent Clothing

    Invent Clothing New Member


    Yes, I can print the t-shirts, how many do you want as that affects the price?

    The printing is full colour up to a 400x500mm area. Contact me via email or you can design the t-shirts on my website.

    Also, what would you charge for trade canvas prints?

    cheers lee
  3. Well it would be around the number of 10/15 and there would be regular orders!

    Also, what sort of numbers would you be looking at?

    Feel free to PM Me if you would like to discuss on msn for example.

  4. Invent Clothing

    Invent Clothing New Member


    Sorry i tried to get back to you by posting here on friday but it didnt seem to work. Unfortunatly i dont have an msn account but i do have skype if thats any use.

    Can you please email me your design so i can have look then i will quote you.

    Please have a look at my website for our processes and catalogue etc.

    You are also wecome to ring me at any time to discuss this further.
  5. Hi,

    Yes skype will be no problem at all, although i will only be able to use the chat function, also there will not be a design as it were, only a small amount of text (e.g. Frazer's Stag Party 09)

    I also have a couple of other requests to speak about over skype.

    P.S. When you are online on skype, could you post here and i will sign in?.

  6. Invent Clothing

    Invent Clothing New Member


    im on skype now sorry i havent replied sooner im not always at my desk so not able to use skype it might be easier for you to phone me when you want me to sign in anyway im signed in now my skype name is leejohnson.31

  7. Invent Clothing

    Invent Clothing New Member


    sorry lee.johnson31
  8. Stunners

    Stunners New Member


    ROSSQUINN New Member

    Hi there

    Yes we can print t shirts for you. You have the option to supply your won tees and we print them or we can supply and print.

  10. Hi,

    Added you on MSN so we can speak further :)


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