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T-Shirt Licensing

Not sure if this is the right area for this but anyway, hopefully someone can help me with this...

I was recently commissioned to create 4 characters for a local festivals brochure/poster, etc. It was only agreed that the images would be for print use, excluding any merchandising or anything like that. They've just come back to me & asked what kind of licensing deal i'd give them on a small run of t-shirts, some for staff, but double the amount again to sell to the public at large.

I have no idea how to respond:) Anyone had any similar things? What's a standard sort of license for this sort of thing?


Senior Member
Licensing exists to help you get the most for your work, if you had sold them a complete license then they could have done whatever they felt like with your design.

But the license you sold them doesn't cover what they are planning to do, ask them to pay up again. Its perfectly reasonable.

I have done artwork for bands and that was for the cover art only, but I have cut them a deal on prepping the art for a shirt as I wanted to keep them sweet and get more work out of them at a later date!

If you know them, and trust them, you could ask for a cut of the sales, this is difficult without complete trust.

There are plenty of options.
Was thinking about charging a small fee for setting up the files, as they'll need the colours, etc stripping right back, & then maybe 10% upfront if that makes sense?:confused: