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T-shirt design payment

Hello everyone,

I have had a work enquiry in for T-shirt design. Previously I have designed apparel which are meant for staff and supporters of a company so have designed for an hourly rate.

The new enquiry is for someone who wants to set up an online t-shirt and clothing business. So in terms of pricing I wonder whether a fixed price or a fixed price plus royalites would be appropriate in this case?

Care to share your thoughts?



Senior Member
Depends on the run and how you feel?

If its a short run, fixed price is fairly standard. If its a massive run then asking for more/royalties isn't unheard off.
Thanks, will be meeting with them early next week and collect some more details about quantities then.

Have you used any guide for larger quantities and percentage of royalties?


Senior Member
No, I haven't done anything that has run into large quantities, but I know people who have done. If you know about the production costs it helps to give you some idea.