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Swirl glow effect

It looks like a texture file set to Lighten mode or something similar.

Texture files are things like this;

Might be able to find some in places such as DeviantArt.
When i did something like this, I just used the pen tool, duplicated it a few times and then added different setting glows to each line.
Hey ~Luke

I am by no means a shark in photoshop, but I achieved a similar effect on this picture.

How i did it:
* I did, on a seperate layer, a thick line. In this case in yellow. - I gave that one a gaussian blur.
* Then i put another line on top of it, on a separate layer, thinner, and in a white color. I duplicated this layer, and gave the lower layer of white a gaussian blur, little less than the yellows blur.
* The upper white had a gaussian blur as well, but even less.

Finally i flatten the layers and put an opacity mask on top of it, to control where the line is gonna show.

For added effect, I painted some big color spots with low opacity on a seprate layer below the glow line. Gave those a heavy gaussian blur and gave them a "color dodge"-blend mode.


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I hope you won't hate me for this... but it doesn't look stunning ...

Anyway... nice to see this thread again. So thank you for posting :)
I had a quick go at it, looked like a fun challenge. Took about 10 minutes or so, and given more time you could probably mimik the original photo pretty well the way I did it.

It consists of different strokes with subtle variations in colors, blurred to varying degrees, and blending modes applied, I then layered the whole folder a couple times and applied blending modes to wash the whites out and give a blinding white effect.

I couldn't be bothered to wrap the line around any more times, too much work for something I'm not putting in a portfolio ;P



WEBIAN said:
I hope you won't hate me for this... but it doesn't look stunning ...

Anyway... nice to see this thread again. So thank you for posting :)
No offense taken :) By all means im no shark in photoshop, and threw it together in less than a couple of minuttes, It was'nt really meant as a complete solution but rather a hint to associate further on ideas to make it.

I'm way more familiar in vector graphic :)


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That looks much nicer.

How is everything going there in Denmark? I've always been fascinated by it,
but I've never been there.
yeah i'm quite happy about it :) Still need some few things here and there, but its minor stuff. And it's still a LOT better than the last version anyway.

Hehe its going fine thanks - all though its not a place im going to stay in forever, i'm mostly gonna move to Ireland or something in those lines when i'm finished education in a couple of years and secured a job. I miss Paddy's Green Shamrock Shore


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Interesting. I found this singer when I googled it,
[ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P2bTczkYv0U"]Paddy's Green Shamrock Shore - Paul Brady - YouTube[/ame]
Never heard it before, but the song has an interesting mood.
Underneath it says it was sang in 1977, which is believed
to be an interesting period for pop music. I suppose
it's true. It in every documentary I've watched, it sounds as if
they had something very important going on during that
period, kind of a secret treasure hidden in their pocket.
hehe :) Its an old irish song, i believe its even older than that - its quite nice though and pretty much describes how i feel about the island.