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SweetCron - Automated Lifestream Blog Software



For anyone who has used Tumblr or the recently aquired SocialThing then systems like this that allow you to bring together all your social networking and publishing feeds are pretty handy.

The best I've come across so far is Tumblr, which does a really good job of pulling in all these feeds and displaying them simply and easily, but with a nice interface sytem and design. The only problem being, it is still very much a blog.

Today I was pointed in the direction of SweetCron. This is a very similar system to SocialThing but it allows you to easily output the results using a PHP backend that you install on your own server. I've not had the chance to try it out yet but from the initial look I must say that it looks bloody good.

Theres a loose example of what you can do with the software here. But looking through the wiki its seems like the possibilities are endless in terms of the feeds you can display and the way you can out put them.

If anyone has already got one of these up and running I'd be interested to see the results.


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Have you had any luck in finding more examples of this system/platform Lee? I've not heard/seen anything more about it since you made this thread, it looks interesting though.