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Swatchoos 1.0 beta - Advance Swatch panel for Adobe Photoshop


Hi Guys,

We would like to present our new panel: Swatchoos, the most advanced swatch panel for Adobe Photoshop CC with lots of features and improvments like:
- Group Creation and Management
- Swatch and Group Reordering
- Change Brightness of any color
- Sort Swatches by Luminosity or HUE
- Fill any Shape/Text/Bitmap layer
- Generate Swatches from bitmaps and .psd layers
- Customise swatches by changing their size and shape
- Import .aco or bitmaps
- New .swatch format allows users share colors
- Auto color naming
and much much more.

We're in public beta right now so go to http://www.swatchoos.com and test it out!
Check as well our other creative panel http://www.coolorus.com/