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Survey as part of dissertation

Hi All,

I am a student at the University of Winchester studying an MA in Digital Media. As part of my dissertation about animation I am conducting a survey in about images.

Here it is:

Images* Survey

If any of you can help me that would be much appreciated,

Thank you.

Paul Murray

Staff member
Hey, I had a look at the survey but I'm a bit unsure of what you want to know as the questions are a bit general. What sort if images are we talking about? Photos, cartoons, TV images, all of these, none of these?


Active Member
I started to fill it in then it just felt to vague. I couldn't possibly explain what images are and mean in a short survey like this.

Dave L

Well-Known Member
In all honesty, I find this survey a bit bewildering: some of the questions seem to require a full-on philosophical response whereas others appear so simplistic and obvious that they barely require a response at all.

Have you tried to complete it yourself? If so, it'd be interesting to see your sample response; if not, I recommend you give it a go.
I have taken your suggestion on board and filled out the survey myself... And what can I say I did so within a couple of minutes!

Seriously, I can't stress enough how much people seem to be over thinking it. It's really not that much of a brain tickler.

Dave L

Well-Known Member
'Why do you think images exist?' is the kind of question I'd generally expect to come with a few weeks' notice and a 2,000 word limit rather than as Q1 in a two-minute survey... I think the feedback on this thread (my own included) kind of suggests that the questions would benefit from a bit more work.

If I were allocating two minutes to this, my answers would be as follows:

1. Because eyes exist
2. Because they stimulate my visual cortex
3. I like it when they look good
4. It depends
5. It depends
6. Everything in the apparently random list above and more

How did I do?
If you don't want something over analysed then it's probably best not to ask a designer. We tend to do it by nature.

Completed your survey as best i could.

Worth noting that the default answer of "boobies" works quite well as a reply for most of the questions.

Good luck with the dissertation.
I've completed it, but do agree with the guys as sometimes we simple humans need to be given a clue, or something to work with ;-) Hope the answers are helpful for you.