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Survey about (un)ethical graphic design


New Member
I'm looking for graphic designers from all over the world to give their personal view about the subject. The survey is part of my thesis for the University of art and design of Helsinki (Finland).
Filling the form takes just a couple of minutes but perhaps before doing it you could think about what the subject means to you and in what kind of work related situations you've had or would have ethical problems.
Feel free to spread the word!
Thank you!

Matt Harle

Yeah, if you could maybe introduce yourself properly and get to know us all better, we might be a bit more encouraged to help out.


New Member
You're right, sorry! So I am a graphic design freelance / student from Finland and I'm interested in the subject of ethical / responsible design.
The challenge is that I need a lot of replies and I cannot spend too much time on each forum - even if I'd like to. I hope you understand and feel like doing the survey anyway, maybe not for me but for the subject itself.
Of course I'd be happy to contribute to some of your projects too, if needed.
I'd also be happy to hear about other forums or channels to use for spreading the word about the survey. (I hope I didn't ask too much already)
Have a nice day all of you!

Tony Hardy

You should try and get involved though, it would make people more likely to open up and be supportive of your needs :)


These forums are not simply a place for you to throw surveys at. It's a place where you can come and get real feedback, ideas and help from people who know what they're talking about. You would be doing yourself a massive favour by actually integrating into the community and making new acquaintances.