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SuperDrive Must Die


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I have a 2.4GHz Intel Core 2 Duo iMac running Mac OS 10.6.3 with 3GB 800MHz DDR2 SDRAM.
Yesterday it burned a music CD in iTunes.
This evening it burned a video DVD in VisualHub.
My SuperDrive works.

So why is it suddenly spitting out any blank CD I put in today when it was fine with them yesterday and it was fine with the blank DVD it used just minutes ago?

I need help before I resort to smashing the bloody thing with my bare hands. :mad:

Additional note, it reads commercial movie DVDs fine and is spitting out commercial music CDs (and has done on-and-off for months but still reads data discs)

Does anyone know if this is a software or a hardware issue?
Have you run Disk Utilities and repaired any bad permissions?.
Clean up your system with Onyx...it's free to download.

Best I can do from here.


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Would guess it's a software issue, as Mac's don't break, do they?

Assuming the software is all up-to-date Jim?
There's a ton of other forum threads about the subject, most seem to lead to software updates, or it reacting badly to a different brand of blank discs?

Also found this, not sure if may be relevant?
I had the same problem had not have, you ha'd mounted something on your computer, it may not showed on the desktop screen, but it happen to me, one week it took me to figure it out,just like you,my Superdrive won't accept discs
When I insert a disc into the drive of my 14" Powerbook, it spins for about eight seconds and spits the disc back out again. I've tried with Audio CDs, Video DVDs and Software CDs and get the same result with all of them.I was trying to find a way to restore my powerbook but how, my superdrive won't work,thinking on you problem..
here is what I did: woke up my power book, double click on the Machintosh HD, look up the pop-up window side bar, I look up my network icon and next to had a eject word, i click at it nothing happen, one click on the ctrl key, scroll down to at to eject click on it, nothing happen, okey I tryied again,one click on the ctrl key, scroll down to at to remove from side bar click on it BINGO problem solve, I hope will work for you too....
Good luck!


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Everything's up to date, and yeah Typo I did actually!
Everything seems to work except blank CDs... blank DVDs work, Movies work, Albums work... it's just Blank CDs and it just goes like a rich tea biscuit and gives up! I've been using Philips CDs. Anyone ever have a problem with those?


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Have you changed the make of blank discs you've been using? Read about a few people changing make of discs and running into similar problems..


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Honestly it sounds like the cd read head needs a clean to me, most drives have a dual head system with one catering for cd's the other catering for dvd's.

You could try a cleaning disk although it's likely you'll need a new drive - that will be fun in an imac


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Cant afford. I'll try the head cleaning thing though Levi I think I have a disc somewhere. And no Greg I'm about half way down a stack of 100 Philips CDs so been pretty consistent with the make for the last year or so.
Thanks peoples.